EnergiePortal was founded in 2006 thanks to a great interest in (alternative) energy and energy efficiency. In 2015 we have completely redesigned our website. With the visitor’s needs in mind, we have focused on making the website more accessible, more interactive and providing more knowledge resources.

About EnergiePortal

EnergPortal is a website where individuals, businesses and governments meet for news and discussion about energy topics and sustainable innovations. By publishing news and summarizing concise and systematic information on innovative developments in the energy sector, EnergiePortal hopes to arouse interest in energy innovations. Particularly in the field of sustainable energy (wind, solar, and biomass), the site will manifest itself both as news source and a knowledge platform.


EnergiePortal will offer consumers the opportunity to engage in energy innovations in their daily lives. The provision of news and background information will help achieve that objective. Furthermore, people can express their views on current energy related issues or problems, for example, regarding their energy contract or energy supplier.

EnergiePortal also wants to generate site interest in alternative energy products for consumers. A wind turbine in the backyard is costly and impractical. But there are now many interesting products in the market, such as solar energy, that are good for the environment but also induce cost savings.

Business and Government

For businesses, EnergiePortal hopes to have a site where they can display their latest innovations in the field of energy to an interested audience. For the government, there is the potential to keep consumers aware of current policies and subsidies on sustainable energy products and services.

To conclude, EnergiePortal is an informational site for anyone with the aim to promote the use of renewable energy.

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