Energy Knowledge Platform

EnergiePortal is an independent, online information platform within the energy sector.  It aims to support consumers and companies through knowledge sharing and promotion in the field of sustainable energy, rules & regulations, energy saving and more.

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EnergiePortal encourages sustainable solutions and innovations in energy

The website aims to enhance consumer knowledge in different topics related to energy and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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Renewable energy

At this moment the world still relies heavily on non-renewable energy sources, such as natural gas, oil and coal. The burning of these fossil fuels generates energy but also produces carbon dioxide (CO2), a well-known greenhouse gas that contributes to ...

About Energy Portal

EnergiePortal was established in 2006 with the direct goal to increase knowledge about sustainable energy, energy saving, climate policy and other relevant information within the energy sector. Moreover, EnergiePortal encourages entrepreneurs within The Netherlands and abroad to develop sustainable and innovative international businesses and technologies.

In order to achieve the above objectives the site publishes news, topics and know-how. Furthermore, the site offers information and reviews on energy suppliers that are active in The Netherlands.